One Colour Safety Bunting

Warn people of potential hazards or seal off an area with safety bunting.

Industries/Applications Information:
Mining, Road Works, Trenching, Building, Grading, Construction, Civil Engineering, Demolition, Disaster, Delineation, Events, Schools, Fete, Track.

Product Description:
Australian Standard (AS1742-3) coloured reinforced vinyl, supplied in 30 metre lengths. Made with 4mm diameter white polypropylene rope with 190mm(W) x 225mm(H) pennant flags stitched at 1.5 flags per metre (45 flags per 30m length).

Product Shape:
190mm(W) x 225mm(H) pennant (triangular).

Product Features:
Colour and movement provides high visibility (easily seen)
Seen as a warning signal
Temporary barrier (easily installed/removed)
Flexible & light weight
U.V. Protected which means a low fade rate
White 4mm DIA rope with tie ends (easily joined, lengthened and fixed)
Can be customised to include your company logo/branding

Australian Made.

UV stablised vinyl to suit Australian weather conditions.

A choice of colours.

Exceeding Australian Standards requirements

Manufactured to order however stock is maintained of main colours

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Safety Bunting Flags

Your Guide to Safety Bunting Flags

Safety bunting flags are cost effective and easy to install, making them perfect as barriers or for signage around dangerous areas at industrial sites and other workplaces. Our buntings are available in a range of colours, including orange safety flags, so you can get one to suit your safety requirements and set your restricted area apart. We use high-quality material and outstanding manufacturing so that you can reuse the bunting.

Benefits of Our Safety Flags

There are several advantages to investing in red safety flags.

  • You can readily highlight an unsafe area: You can use buntings in multiple kinds of workplaces to warn passersby and workers of danger. The bright colour and length of rope mean that you can easily mark off the entire hazardous area, such as a chemical storage space, construction site, or environmental management project.
  • You can create a pathway: Rather than blocking one area, you can use buntings to show individuals where they can walk on your site. For example, you can use rope buntings to guide visitors along safe walking pathways inside your facility or at outdoor events.
  • You can get day and night options: Whether you require safety flags indoors, outdoors, in the day, or at night, you can get bunting to suit your requirements. There is no need to take down your flags or add other safety measures around your area when it gets dark, as our night and day buntings feature reflective tags. We manufacture UV-stable buntings in a range of colours, offering you orange, yellow, and green safety flags.

Consider This When Buying Industrial Safety Flags

When selecting safety flags, buy high-quality products to get the most value out of your bunting.

  • Check the supplier’s colour availability: You can meet your event or workplace safety requirements with a bunting colour that quickly gets the attention of visitors and employees. Choosing a bunting supplier that provides a selection of flag colours allows you to easily order buntings in the ideal colour or select several colours for use in different areas. By ordering everything that you require from one supplier, you can save money and build a relationship with the company for future business.
  • Ensure that the product is durable: While buntings are a cost-effective solution for marking off hazardous areas, you will typically use these solutions outside, so make sure that your flag is durable. We manufacture our products to a high standard and use durable vinyl that and can withstand even harsh Australian weather conditions.
  • Ask about the bunting length: The last thing that you want to be doing is buying and tying together multiple flag ropes to produce the ideal length for your area. We can create custom safety buntings to suit your colour and length requirements.

We have a selection of coloured safety flags in stock for fast dispatch.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Safety Flags in Australia

We are dedicated to meeting all your colour bunting requirements. Here’s how:

  • We manufacture high-quality products. We make our flags with thick materials such as quality vinyl to ensure that they are long-lasting and durable in challenging weather conditions. Our buntings are UV stable and resistant to tearing in high winds, making them ideal for outdoor use. We manufacture our flags to a high standard and thoroughly inspect our products for consistency, straight lines, strength, and other quality control measures before sending them out to customers.
  • We provide exceptional customer service. We have a selection of coloured safety flags in stock so that we can process orders promptly. You can also arrange to get a custom design on your flags, such as your logo, name, or safety information. We use UV-resistant ink so that your message is clearly visible, and the print won’t fade in the sun or wash off in the rain.
  • We offer multiple delivery options. We package your order in a secure box and can deliver it in the way that is most suitable for you. We have a pickup option at our factory for local customers, or we can arrange courier delivery to your location. Alternatively, you can arrange for your freight company to collect your order from our warehouse.

Tips Regarding Safety Flags on a Rope

Care for and store your flags appropriately to maintain the product’s durability—here are a few tips.

  • Keep your flags clean: Clean dirty flags by wiping them down with warm water and a sponge, then leave your bunting to dry before storing it. This kind of maintenance will remove any contaminants from your bunting and prevent it from degrading. You can use a light detergent to clean extremely dirty flags—however, avoid harsh chemicals, which can damage the rope, vinyl, or print.
  • Fold your bunting neatly: Once your buntings are completely dry, fold them neatly to prevent your flags from creasing or getting out of shape. This step minimises the risk of your ropes tangling or hanging unevenly the next time you use them.
  • Store in a sealed box: You can reuse the cardboard box that your bunting arrives in to store it when not in use. We recommend placing your box on a shelf with plenty of ventilation to stop moisture and mould from accumulating on your flags.

Why Trust Colorbrite Regarding Yellow Safety Flags?

Our Australian-owned and operated business provides exceptional customer service and durable products. We have extensive experience working in the industry and provide professional advice so that you can get cost-effective safety flags to suit all your requirements.

Contact us with any enquiries or to order your bunting.