Australian Standards 1318-1985 SAA Industrial Safety Colour Code

AS 1318-1985 SAA Industrial Safety Colour Code

Describes the use of colour for marking physical hazards and identification of certain equipment in industry.

The Standard defines the colours for specific equipment in connection with accident prevention and information signs, and recommends the colours to be used for particular purposes.

Red, yellow, green and blue are specified and the chromaticity limits for the colours are included. Each colour is dealt with separately, and typical examples of applications are listed.


Shall be the basic or background colour, used alone or in conjunction with white lettering, stripes, or edging, to identify or indicate the location of danger, fire protection equipment and apparatus, stop buttons and emergency stop controls.


Shall be the basic or background colour, used alone or in conjunction with black for marking places where caution should be exercised and where cautionary noties of a general nature should be displayed. Yellow markings should also be used where radiation hazards from radioactive materials exist.


Green used in conjunction with white shall be the colour used for denoting safety and for indicating the location of safety and first aid equipment (other than fire fighting equipment).


Shall be used as the basic or background colour with white lettering for marking of mandatory instructions to be followed or places where it is desired to convey information of a general nature.


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