Why Buy Australian Quality

Colorbrite takes quality seriously. We love it when customers come back with real life stories of how their Flags on a Rope have served them so well over a long period of time. Achieved goals. Kept people safe.

We'd love to hear your story!

By purchasing locally in Australia from Colorbrite, you are assured that our products:-

• Use High Grade, thick materials that withstand high wind conditions to resist tearing.

• Are UV Stable to withstand the harsh Australian sun over long periods of time.

• Can be printed also with your logo, branding, safety message or event images using high quality UV resistant inks, again to withstand sun and rain exposure.

• We are fussy about consistency and quality. Even printing. Perfect points at the bottom triangular flags. Clean cuts. Even stitching. When looking along a line of flags, this attention to detail will ensure your product looks wonderful.

Best of All - LESS RISK. We can produce your order locally fast, and offer you the peace of mind of local service, and the ability to freight your product swiftly within days.

Too often we have customer come to us who have lost stock at docks coming from overseas producers, or simply had them delayed by weeks, thereby missing their critical deadlines. Let Colorbrite take away that stress.

Too often we are shown poor quality, ripped, faded product produced overseas that frankly (when taking in freight costs and delays) cost them no less than if they'd purchased from Colorbrite right here in Australia.

So please do consider buying local.

Give us a call today on 0413800720 to get a quote and explore all the personal service and customization options we can offer you to make buying a quality Australian Made product a great choice for you.