Swimming Pool Flags

Back Stroke Bunting

The backstroke flags have a primary purpose of letting swimmers know they are approaching the end of the pool . The flags must be hung across the pool at a regulation five metres from the end of the pool. All swimmers will know that they will need to prepare for the wall when they see these flags over their heads as they swim along on their backs.

Industries/Applications Information:
Displays, Promotions, Sports Days,  Swimming Events, 

Product Description:
Coloured reinforced vinyl flags supplied in various lengths. Double stitched onto header tape incorporating baler twine for strength.

Average Flag size is approximately 190mm(W) by 260mm(H) with a standard spacing between flags of 190mm. Spacing can vary down to 60mm spacing 

Product Features:
Strong and double stitched
White header tape
Neat and flexible
Easily folded and stored
Durable vinyls
Colour and movement

Australian Made.

UV stablised vinyl to suit Australian weather conditions.

Back stroke flags for swimming events.

We do suggest maybe decorating around your pool area and keeping a spare set, to make it more economical for you if printing is required.

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Swimming Pool Flags

Customised Swimming Pool Flags

Essential to any aquatics program, swimming pool flags are a valuable component for swimmers. It helps them control their stroke count, tells them their position in the pool, and allows them to calculate the number of strokes required to swim from the flags to the end of the pool. Come in and let our friendly and dedicated team customise the proper bunting to suit your personal needs.

What You Should Know About Custom Pool Flags

If you own an aquatic centre or pool club that hosts lap swimming, swimming competitions, and swimming practices, you will know that having pool flags is vital equipment every professional swimming pool needs. Colourful flags help swimmers determine where they are in the pool, and an absence of it will likely leave the swimmer disorientated and bump into the side of the pool or attempt to turn prematurely.

  • Customised pool flags. Having personalised pool flags can transform your pool, giving it a professional customised look. It will allow your swimmers to train in confidence and prepare their turns and strokes to provide them with impeccable timing to swim their best race.
  • Flags are important for safety and protection. Flags help swimmers judge the distance to the pool wall and protect them from hitting the wall when swimming backstroke. They can easily see the swimming pool flags, distance themselves when making their turns, and this judgment will inevitably prevent serious injury.
  • Must meet international standards. According to the International Swimming Federation (FINA), flags must be 15 feet above the water from the wall and must hang, by pool regulation, five metres across the pool. All aquatic centres must follow FINA’s regulations as they control the harmonious development and improvement of worldwide aquatic events and disciplines. Using the correct type and right amount of flags can be crucial to both the swimmers and the aquatic centre's success. To host competitions and to avoid disqualifications, you must meet the standard regulation regarding pool flags.

Benefits of Colorbrite

Choosing the right flag with all the necessary specifications can be intimidating. Our knowledgeable team will guide you by selecting the correct flag for your pool, whether indoors or outdoors. We personalise and customise your flags to reflect your company logo as well as meeting all industry regulations and standards.

  • Choose contrasting colours. When it comes to the look of the flags, choose contrasting colours which will stand out against the pool water so that your swimmers can easily spot them. Go for bright colours like black, green, orange or red. We can customise your flags and design them to your personalised, distinctive logo. Our quality UV resistant inks are meant to withstand long periods of exposure to the sun and rain.
  • Strong, resistant vinyl flags. When it comes to indoor pools, it’s best to go with our reinforced coloured vinyl flags, which come in different lengths. We recommended vinyl for indoor pools since they are one of the most sturdy and durable materials that last a long time. Our vinyl is UV resistant to withstand Australia’s intense sun for long periods.
  • Use of top-quality material. All our flags are double stitched onto header tape and integrated with baler twine for strength. This method keeps your flags strong and tough for repeated uses. We use thick quality material which is resistant to tearing even in heavy winds and rain. They are flexible and can be comfortably folded and stored for future use.

About Colorbrite

We are a proudly Australian based bunting company with over 30 years of experience within the industry. Our dedicated clients come from within Australia and worldwide and are a true reflection of our passion and dedication to customer satisfaction. We treat each client’s specifications with individualised care to find the best solutions to meet their specific requirements. We do not compromise on quality, care and personal service. Contact us today to fulfil all your bunting requirements.