Custom Logo Bunting

Customised Safety Bunting
Customised Safety bunting with text/logo/branding to warn people of potential hazards or seal off an area.
With the ever increasing demands of Occupational Health and Safety, larger safety driven companies are requiring more site specific logo-ised safety bunting or variations on the 'standard' orange. That's where ColorBrite comes in as we produce a lot more than just orange safety bunting for businesses right across Australia. We produce bunting in a spectacular range of colours, shapes and styles!

Product Description:
Varying base coloured flags of a shape to suit the client, job or contract.

Reflective or Day/Night Bunting: Flags are stitched with 4mm diameter white polypropylene rope offering durability and strength. Logo and/or text optional.

Demountable Warning Barrier Bunting: Flags are attached to 50mm webbing with hook and loop Velcro offering 'movability', easy installation and a flexible design allowing compact/tidy storage to help increase product life span.

Potential Product Features:
Colour and movement provides high visibility (easily seen)
Reflective tags for night visibility
Seen as a warning signal
Flexible & light weight
U.V. Protected which means a low fade rate
White 4mm DIA rope with tie ends (easily joined, lengthened and fixed)
Customised to include text or your company logo/branding
Temporary barrier (easily installed/removed)
50mm webbing in varying colour as an alternative to rope

Product Shapes:
Rectangular, Square, Shield, Triangular or die cut for individual needs.


Australian Made

UV stabilized vinyl to suit Australian weather conditions

Want your logo on a different shaped flag ? No problem.

Square, rectangle, shield or custom.

You choose the size.

Custom cuts may require a special die and will be an extra cost

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Custom Bunting

Enhance Your Event with Custom Bunting from Colorbrite

Are you looking for custom bunting for a party, event, grand opening, or something else? Colorbrite can help. We offer custom bunting flags tailored to your needs, whether you want to attract attention at a trade show, advertise a sale, promote your brand name, or mark a specific area for safety purposes. We can handle jobs of all sizes, providing a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs personalised with your logo or other preferred text. If you print your own flags and only need someone to machine and assemble them into bunting lengths, we can do that, too. If you would like to order custom pennant bunting, let us know. We’ll be happy to help you through the process, from design to delivery.

Benefits of Custom Bunting in Australia

Bunting flags have a great many uses – and fantastic reasons for using them. These fun and attention-drawing safety features and decorations can help you accomplish many different objectives, such as:

  • Attracting attention. If you’re having a party, corporate event, sale, or another type of celebration, your custom bunting can help you draw attention to your event, helping people who know about your event find it and assisting others to become aware of it. It can also help people notice areas that you’re blocking off for safety reasons.
  • Increasing brand awareness. Bunting flags do more than merely attract attention to an event; they also explain who is hosting the event, putting your brand name front and centre in their minds. When attendees to your event see your company’s name or logo emblazoned on decorative bunting, it will help them remember it later.
  • Keeping people safer. Bunting has important functions in industries where safety is a critical factor. For example, if you work on a road crew, these hanging flags can help alert motorists of areas they should avoid to protect you and your fellow workers; if you work in a construction zone, they can mark areas where people shouldn’t enter for their safety.
  • Protecting a specific area. Do you have something you’d like to keep hands-off? Whether you need to protect wet cement, a valuable art exhibit, or something else, our bunting flags make it clear to everyone who passes that the area is off-limits and that they should avoid crossing into the space.
  • Creating a festive mood. Last but definitely not least, bunting is a wonderful way to add a touch of festive cheer to any party or event. Whether you choose a single colour or multicoloured lengths, ur flags signal to your guests that it’s a party, that celebration is the theme of the day, and that it’s time for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.

Tips for Choosing Custom-Made Bunting

There are a few things that you can keep in mind when using bunting flags. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of yours.

  • Consider any relevant requirements. Bunting is a low-cost way to comply with safety requirements on different job sites and help keep people safe. Be sure that you know what is required in your industry – for example; you might need to print your logo on different-coloured vinyls, use specific ink colours, or print warning logos on every flag or every third flag. We can handle all these requests and more.
  • Play around with shape. There are many different ways to hang bunting. Whether you attach it at both ends and let it drape from the ceiling, tie its ends at different heights to create a zig-zag effect, or allow it to hang straight down for something more unique, you can get more out of your bunting by giving it an unusual or creative presentation.

Creative Ways to Use Printed Bunting

At Colorbrite, we offer a range of bunting options suitable for a variety of uses. There are many different ways that you can use classic bunting – safety, promotion, decoration, and more. Here are a few good reasons to order bunting for your business or event today.

  • For safety. Night or day bunting can be an effective safety product that helps prevent injuries on a job site. Brightly coloured bunting can go a long way toward marking off unsafe areas or alerting motorists to the presence of road crews. We can design bunting that suits your needs, even adding your custom logo if you’d like. Safety bunting is ideal for road works but also for mining, trenching, construction, grading, demolition, schools, and more.
  • For a wedding. Simple white bunting can look beautiful and festive when hung inside or outside a venue or wedding tent. Hang multiple strands from the ceiling You can also select a different colour that matches your existing colour scheme.
  • For a party. Besides weddings, bunting is also great for many other types of parties and events. For example, pink or blue bunting could be adorable at a baby shower; multicoloured bunting might brighten up a birthday party space. Use custom bunting bearing your personal message for anniversaries, to celebrate someone’s promotion, to decorate a banquet hall for a kids’ sports team, or to host a housewarming party, to name just a few.
  • For promotional purposes. Branded bunting is a cost-effective and high-impact way to boost your brand visibility at promotional events. Our bunting is made from UV stabilised vinyl to stand up to harsh Australian weather conditions. You can choose from a wide range of colours and shapes that suit your brand best. Have your bunting customised with your business name or logo for maximum reach.

Related Products We Offer

Colorbrite provides a large selection of bunting for many different applications. We have extensive experience in this area and have learned what our customers want and need. Some of our product offerings include:

  • One-colour or multi-colour safety bunting. Safety bunting in a solid colour can effectively warn people of potential hazards or block off an area from entry. The bright colour and easy movement of the flags create high visibility and are immediately seen as a warning. We also offer day/night bunting that’s visible in sunlight as well as at night.
  • Safety bunting with custom logo. Would you like to advertise that your company did or is doing the work in a marked area? Then let us know – we’ll be happy to print your flags with your logo or other words or image of your choice. Your logo serves another purpose as well – preventing the theft of your bunting from your property.
  • Jazz-style bunting. Jazz bunting is just what you need to make you stand out from the crowd. Choose these bright, bold flags to decorate a trade show display, sale area, festival, car yard, showroom, sporting arena, boat, or anything else that you want to make highly visible to many people.
  • Swimming pool flags. Our backstroke bunting marks off lanes in a swimming pool, and lets swimmers know that the end of the pool is near. Swimmers learn to prepare to reach the wall when they see these required flags hung five metres away from it. These flags are easy to leave in place at all times or fold and store away for your next swimming event.
  • Custom logo bunting. No matter how, where, or why you are using custom bunting, it’s a good idea to have the flags personalised with your logo or business name if you are representing a business. These bunting flags are lightweight yet durable, UV protected so that they won’t fade, and easy to install and remove.

About Colorbrite

For more than three decades, Colorbrite has been serving our valued customers in Australia and beyond. We have unmatched experience and knowledge in the industry and provide high-quality custom-made bunting flags tailored to your needs and specifications. We are proudly Australian-owned and based in Kent Town near Adelaide City Centre. This optimal location places us in proximity to freight services, major courier companies, and airports, helping us ensure quick and affordable dispatch to customers both local and worldwide. We service a wide range of customers, including private companies, government departments, event organisers, community centres, swimming pools, caravan parks, mining and roadwork companies, and many more. If you have any questions or would like help designing and creating the perfect custom-printed bunting, please contact us here.