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Promotional Bunting Flags

What Sets Us Apart When It Comes to Promotional Bunting Flags

From small events to prominent business advertising, we manufacture our promotional bunting flags with thick materials that can withstand the intense conditions of Australia. We print your logos, safety messages, and branding with UV resistant inks to ensure the sun will not blemish your triangle flags on a rope. We offer a wide range of outdoor and indoor banners. First, you explain to us what you need. Then, our designers will help you put together the best design or help you enhance your unique design. After we have established what you require, we can give you a detailed quote. After this, we can start printing and stitching and have your flags delivered straight to your door.

Pick and design from our wide range of bunting flags.

Benefits of Event Bunting Flags

After receiving your promotional bunting, you will advertise your business or event with ease and convenience. Our flags are extremely easy to order and set up at your discretion.

  • Bunting flags are reusable. If you store them correctly, your bunting may last years which means you can use them repeatedly. You will need to get new flags if you decide to change any information on the flags themselves.
  • With custom flags, you have complete creative control. With this control, you can build extreme brand awareness. You can create your designs for your banners which can include any information you want to add. In addition, you can display your flags anywhere you choose, which will be visible to anybody in the area.
  • Building effective brand awareness is incredibly cost-effective. Unfortunately, digital advertisements have become incredibly expensive. By ordering flags with your designs, you will advertise your event or business wherever you decide to hang your bunting.

What You Can Expect from Our Printed Bunting Flags

Our exceptional attention to detail is the main reason our flags can last a lifetime. We don’t skim on the minor details. Instead, the minute details are where we focus. These details include stitching, colours and material usage.

  • Our one colour safety bunting is ideal for mining, roadworks, trenching, building and construction companies to keep people from specific areas. We hold stock of all primary colours; however, we manufacture flags to order.
  • You can customise regular flags, safety flags and other flags with your company logo. These flags are perfect for an entire range of companies, including events, demolition, school and engineering companies. In addition, with your logo, you can promote your company while advertising your event or warning people away.
  • Along with these options, we have a plethora of choices available. You can special order your bunting flags, or if you have flags of your own that need bunting, we will do that too. If you have a printing company and can print your flags, but you can’t assemble them, we will do the bunting for you with the same standards we use on our bunting flags.

From Colorbrite, you can expect the best quality bunting flags that exceed Australian standards. We adhere to Australian Standards 1318-1985 SAA Industrial Safety Colour Code. These specifications include red, yellow, green and blue.

Why Choose Our Pennant Bunting and Other Flags

With our vast experience in the flags on a rope industry, we have seen the diverse mistakes that can happen.

  • Flags on bunting may slide off ropes or string when you hang them up. While manufacturing, we stitch the flags onto the rope to avoid this from happening. Our stitching is ruler-straight, neat and incredibly strong.
  • All the materials we use are thick and robust. We only use the highest quality materials, which ensures it can withstand the harshest Australian weather.
  • We use high-class printers to ensure your designs are in alignment. In addition, we provide that the colours of your design stand out and last with the UV resistant inks we use.

In addition to the high-quality prints we offer, we perfectly box and ship your flags to ensure they arrive in excellent condition.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Colorbrite

With over 20 years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on serving our clients all over Australia and worldwide. Our premises are located in Bowden, South Australia, on the outskirts of Adelaide City Centre. We are close to significant courier companies and freight services, ensuring you receive your flags on time.

With no job too big or too small we prepare all our products on our premises in our warehouse.

Contact us today to discuss your flag designs and receive our full quote.