Jazz Style Bunting with Logo

General Bunting - Jazz Logo
Stand out from the crowd with Jazz Logo bunting.

Industries/Applications Information:
Displays, Promotions, Fairs, Fetes, Track Events, Festivals, Sports Days, Car Yards, Show rooms, Field Events, Motor Sports, Sporting Events, Marine.

Product Description:
Coloured reinforced vinyl flags supplied in various lengths. Double stitched onto header tape incorporating baler twine for strength.

Average Flag size is approximately 190mm(W) by 260mm(H) with a standard spacing between flags of 190mm. Spacing can vary down to 60mm spacing 

Product Features:
Strong and double stitched
White header tape
Neat and flexible
Easily folded and stored
Durable vinyls
Colour and movement

Australian Made

UV stabilized vinyl to suit Australian weather conditons

Have your logo printed on one side or both sides.

Have them printed on one side, to save on cost, and we can sew them facing different directions. (1 up/ 1 down)

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