We've Been Called O.C.D.

Colorbrite's team have before been referred to as having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder tendencies - and Pedantic and a host of other similar niceties   ;-)

However ... in reality, that's not always a bad thing. Rather a compliment actually.

Our attention to detail is why our quality is great and our clients are happy.

You see, we like things just so ...

• Stitching of our Flags needs to be straight, neat, tidy and strong.

• Bunting Materials are inspected for consistency and quality - you deserve it.

• Printing should be strong, even and in alignment.

• Even down to packing your product in boxes perfectly for shipping is critical to ensure they arrive flat, safe and in excellent condition ready for your event / usage.

Yes - Colorbrite's team know that our OCD pedantic tendencies are part of what keep our customers happy and returning. That little extra value for money leaving them confident of on-time delivery, with wonderful quality.

We're comfortable with that!