Caring for your Products

Colorbrite products are made tough to last a long time.

If you run seasonal events, you may want to pack your bunting away ready to bring out again next year.

We suggest a few basic tips to keep you Bunting in its best condition:-


If your bunting is a bit dirty from extended use, you can simply clean them before packing to remove contaminants that may weaken the product over extended storage times.

Avoid using solvents which may damage the vinyl flags, printing inks and rope.

Instead, simply wipe with fresh water and a clean rag / sponge. If the Flags are exceptionally dirty, you could add a light detergent to the water, such as dish washing liquid.

Hang the flags in a breeze to dry thoroughly before folding and packing.

Pack them Dry

Ensure that all Flags and Ropes are completely dry before packing to reduce the risk of Mould growing and/or flags sticking together, which could potentially damage any printed images when peeling them apart.

Fold them Neatly

Avoid just scrunching your bunting into the box as the flags can get creased and bent out of shape, meaning when taking them out of the box, you could find the ropes are tangled, and when erected the flags do not hang consistently and evenly. Looking untidy.

Instead, take a comfortable seat, and one by one flip-flop the flags together so that you end up with a neat pile of flags all sitting flat on top of one another.

Having done this, put a rubber band around the ropes sticking out either side to hold them neatly together. See the photos on this page for visual reference.

Pack them in a Sealed Cardboard Box

When manufactured, we ship your bunting to you in Boxes. We suggest you return the product back into this box to protect it from dust, light and moisture.

Avoid storing the boxes on concrete floors were extra moisture can be absorbed into the box and flags. Keep them on a shelf in an airy location, and when you return a year later, your flags should look as good as new.